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Choosing the Right Decor for Your Office (part 1)

First Impressions

First impressions are the most important thing when it comes to office decoration. The artwork a person sees first has the ability to influence his opinion about a business as well as its employees.

Place your best wall hangings on your “visual wall”—the first wall a person sees when he enters a room. In order to make a positive first impression, you should think seriously about what type of impression you want to create and then find an image that helps make that impression.

Unless a company is part of a large corporation with its own interior designer, artwork hung in doorways or near entrances should create a welcoming atmosphere and fit the company style.

Don’t be limited by budget nowadays, you can make frequent changes with different posters by switching the posters and using the same frame. Today, it’s decorative art rather than fine art, and everyone can afford it.

Jardó has a fantastic range of images to suit every environment if you need help with choosing an image don’t hesitate to contact us.